Assignment operators

= (Assignment) assigns a value to a variable or a column.

Logical operators

AND logical AND
OR logical OR
NOT logical NOT

Binary string operators

+ (Binary String Concatenation) concatenates two binary strings

String operators

+ (String Concatenation) concatenates two strings

Math operators

+ (Unary Plus) unary plus
- (Unary Minus) unary minus
+ (Add) addition
- (Subtract) subtraction
* (Multiply) multiplication
/ (Divide) division
% (Modulo) modulo
~ (Bitwise Unary NOT) bitwise unary NOT
& (Bitwise AND) bitwise AND
| (Bitwise OR) bitwise OR
^ (Bitwise XOR) bitwise XOR

Date operators

+ (Add) addition
- (Subtract) subtraction

Comparison operators

< (Less Than) less
<= (Less Than or Equal To) less or equal
= (Equals) equal
>= (Greater Than or Equal To) greater or equal
> (Greater Than) greater
<> (Not Equal To) not equal
IS [NOT] NULL is NULL value
[NOT] BETWEEN range comparison
[NOT] LIKE matches a pattern
[NOT] IN equals to one element in list of values
See also: Operator precedence