Why develop this database server ?
We want to develop a database server, compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, which is good enough for most basic applications, without the need to pay for costly and complex license policy.
What language is it written in ?
Golang, and some C.
What is the main point of RSQL ?
Simplicity. RSQL is a stripped-down version of MS SQL Server, not cluttered by tons of new features. The ultimate goal is that RSQL should be good enough for most basic applications. If you need more, you should use MS SQL Server.
Is RSQL compatible with MS SQL Server ?
RSQL implements a subset of TSQL. This means that SQL batches written for RSQL can run on MS SQL Server quite easily. If you are not satisfied with RSQL or need more features or power, switching from RSQL to MS SQL Server can be done very quickly.
Can I easily port applications running on MS SQL Server to RSQL ?
No, because you certainly use features or statements that only exist on MS SQL Server. If it works, don’t change it.
What drivers are available ?
The main users of RSQL will be the C# developers. So, a C# driver is available. It is used the same way as the native driver for MS SQL Server. By just changing one line of code, you can switch from RSQL to MS SQL Server if needed. If your C# code works for RSQL, it will work for MS SQL Server.
RSQL, a simple alternative to Microsoft SQL Server