See also COLLATE clause.

Collations define a set of rules that determine how varchar and char data are sorted and compared.

Collation depends on the language.

When records are inserted into a table, they are physically written in the file at the proper position, ordered by the columns of the clustered index.

The collations specified on the varchar/char columns of the clustered index by the CREATE TABLE statement define the physical sort order for these columns.

Collations also affect the result of all operations that compare strings, if the arguments are varchar/char. This is the case for comparison operators such as =, >, LIKE, etc, and functions like CHARINDEX or REPLACE.


<collation> ::= {collation_name | alias}{_CI_AI|_CI_AS|_CS_AS}


is a collation name listed in the table herebelow. E.g. en, fr, etc.
is an alias for a collation name, listed in the table herebelow. E.g. english, latin1_general, french, etc.
case-insensitive and accent-insensitive. a and à and A are equal.
Use this mode if you want to ignore accents.
case-insensitive and accent-sensitive. a and A are equal, but not equal to à.
This is the most common mode, and you should use it.
case-sensitive and accent-sensitive. a and à and A are not equal.
You should avoid this mode, as case-sensitive sort order is hard to grasp.

Examples of Collations

en_ci_as                    english dictionary sort order, case-insensitive and accent-sensitive.
en_ci_ai                    english dictionary sort order, case-insensitive and accent-insensitive.
fr_ci_as                    french dictionary sort order, case-insensitive and accent-sensitive.
french_ci_as                same as fr_ci_as


Collations can be specified in upper case, lower case or a mix. E.g. french_ci_as is the same as French_CI_AS.

It is better to use the suffixes _CI_AS or _CI_AI when specifying a collation, because case-sensitive mode _CS_AS may be surprising.

Default Server Collation

At server installation, you must specify a default collation which will be used by CREATE TABLE for column definitions and by string operations, unless overriden by a specific COLLATE clause.

If all your users speak the same language, you should specify the collation for this language. E.g. if all your users speak french, they want to see the list of client names sorted by french alphabetical order. So, in this case, the best collations is fr_ci_as or fr_ci_ai.

If users speak different languages, you should choose a more neutral collation, like en_ci_ai or latin1_general_ci_ai for western languages, or cyrillic_general_ci_ai for slavic languages.

If you can, choose the same default server collation for all your RSQL installations. This way, applications will sort the records and compare strings in a uniform and consistent manner for all users and applications.




To change the collation of a table column, you must:

To change the server default collation, you must:

Available Collation List

The list of supported collations is given by the command SHOW COLLATIONS.

If a collation for your language is not found in the list, it means that it is the same as latin1_general, and you should specify the latter. It is the same as specifying en.

Description               Collation      Aliases
-----------               ---------      -------
Afar                      aa             afar
Afrikaans                 af             afrikaans
Albanian                  sq             albanian
Arabic                    ar             arabic
Armenian                  hy             armenian
Assamese                  as             assamese
Azerbaijani               az             azeri
Belarusian                be             belarusian
Bengali                   bn             bengali
Bosnian                   bs             bosnian_latin
Bosnian (Cyrillic)        bs_cyrl        bosnian_cyrillic
Bulgarian                 bg             bulgarian
Burmese                   my             burmese
Canadian French           fr_ca          french_ca
Catalan                   ca             catalan
Chinese                   zh             chinese_prc
Croatian                  hr             croatian
Czech                     cs             czech
Danish                    da             danish
Dari                      fa_af          dari
Dzongkha                  dz             dzongkha
English                   en             english, latin1_general, latin1_general_100
Esperanto                 eo             esperanto
Estonian                  et             estonian
Ewe                       ee             ewe
Faroese                   fo             faroese
Filipino                  fil            filipino
Finnish                   fi             finnish
French                    fr             french
German                    de             german
Greek                     el             greek
Gujarati                  gu             gujarati
Hausa                     ha             hausa
Hawaiian                  haw            hawaiian
Hebrew                    he             hebrew
Hindi                     hi             hindi
Hungarian                 hu             hungarian
Icelandic                 is             icelandic
Igbo                      ig             igbo
Japanese                  ja             japanese
Kalaallisut               kl             kalaallisut
Kannada                   kn             kannada
Kazakh                    kk             kazakh
Khmer                     km             khmer
Konkani                   kok            konkani
Korean                    ko             korean
Latvian                   lv             latvian
Lingala                   ln             lingala
Lithuanian                lt             lithuanian
Macedonian                mk             macedonian
Malayalam                 ml             malayalam
Maltese                   mt             maltese
Marathi                   mr             marathi
Northern Sami             se             northern_sami
Northern Sotho            nso            northern_sotho
Norwegian Bokmål          nb             norwegian_bokmål
Norwegian Nynorsk         nn             norwegian_nynorsk
Oriya                     or             oriya
Oromo                     om             oromo
Pashto                    ps             pashto
Persian                   fa             persian
Polish                    pl             polish
Punjabi                   pa             punjabi
Romanian                  ro             romanian
Russian                   ru             cyrillic_general, cyrillic_general_100, russian
Saho                      ssy            saho
Serbian                   sr             serbian_cyrillic
Serbo-Croatian            sr_latn        serbian_latin
Sinhala                   si             sinhala
Slovak                    sk             slovak
Slovenian                 sl             slovenian
Spanish                   es             spanish
Swedish                   sv             swedish
Tamil                     ta             tamil
Telugu                    te             telugu
Thai                      th             thai
Tongan                    to             tongan
Traditional Chinese       zh_hant        chinese_traditional
Tswana                    tn             tswana
Turkish                   tr             turkish
Ukrainian                 uk             ukrainian
Urdu                      ur             urdu
Vietnamese                vi             vietnamese
Walser                    wae            walser
Welsh                     cy             welsh
Yoruba                    yo             yoruba
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