SQL scripts for mytest sample database

These tar or zip files contain the SQL scripts to create the mytest sample database.

Date Filename Size sha1sum
2017.06.13 rsql_mytestdb_scripts.tgz 5205 4b9167846fdd03f4e4097af8a5a1284273144a97
2017.06.13 8390 dc2a5e2107f732ef1212c1dc181c09921d57bbc3

RSQL Server and Client, Version 0.7.1

This tar or zip files contain the server and client executable binaries.

Date Filename OS Arch Size sha1sum
2017.08.18 rsql-0_7_1-linux_amd64.tgz Linux 64-bit 8917719 cd2ca9f844b3264c029261dc869dc182c59c8508
2017.08.18 rsql-0_7_1-darwin_amd64.tgz OS X 64-bit 8799853 19e00e4ddf6d73eb80605ab1816cb8b72b435d6b
2017.08.18 Windows 64-bit 8655861 203c4cfe0a2e5edfdbe7e00a5ed5b04fc489ca58

Installation procedure for Linux and OS X

Installation procedure for Windows

Driver for C# (Framework 4.5.1)

Date Filename OS Arch Size sha1sum
2017.07.05 Rsqldrv.dll Windows 64-bit 59392 d50e73ce75e596cbd6d17aa616b7f332ac2ca3ce

Create a lib (or choose any other name) directory under your project directory, and download this dll file into this location.

Then, add the reference to this library in Visual Studio.

Finally, in the multiple examples of code, such as, change the line using System.Data.SqlClient; by using Rsqldrv.SqlClient;.

Driver documentation and source code is at