ABS (TSQL Function)

Returns the absolute value of the argument.


ABS ( numeric_expression )


is a numeric expression of type int, bigint, money, numeric, float.

Return Types

Returns the same type as numeric_expression.


For int and bigint argument types, ABS raises an overflow error if the argument is the minimum value for the type (see examples).


PRINT ABS(-3), ABS(0.00), ABS(-17e3), ABS(27);

The result is:

          3| 0.00|               17000|         27|

This statement raises an error:

PRINT ABS(-2147483648);

The result is:

<Arithmetic error. INT overflow.>

because the valid range of int is [-2147483648, 2147483647].

The valid range for bigint is [-9223372036854775808, 9223372036854775807].

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